Our Story

How it all started...

It was announced in the Huntington Herald on May 19, 1919, that the Huntington First Church of the Nazarene was organized the previous day, May 18, 1919 as a result of revival services meeting in an old coliseum on the corner of Cherry and Washington Streets.  Nazarene pastors had been visiting Huntington in revival services as early as 1910.  The revival services closed at the coliseum, and the organizational group met in the parsonage at the corner of Whitelock and High Streets with Reverend Clyde E. Green to plan the church.

Frank King, a charter member, and John Campbell, a Methodist, had jointly purchased the parsonage ($1,000 each with the balance of $500 paid by the church).  It was decided that the pastor's annual salary would be $1,400 per year and a church would be built.

As of May 25, 1919 the group was meeting as a church in the Assembly Room of the Huntington Courthouse.  Sunday school began in June of that year with Brother Frank Hacker, superintendent, in charge.  Worship continued at the Courthouse under the leadership of Reverend T.J. Agnew.

"When we broke ground for the church, it was a clear day.  There were no clouds that we could see anywhere, and there was a rainbow - God's promise and we thank Him for all He has done."

-Dorothy Jarvis

Expanding the vision...

On March 8, 1921, Reverend R.L. Rich supervised the purchase of property on the corner of Etna Avenue and Henry Street for $4,000 from Mrs. Samuel L. Sayler and plans began to begin building the basement structure for the church.  When the basement project began in June, the estimated total building cost was $25,000.  Hard Indiana bluestone had to be chiseled out by men of the church to make the basement who worked evenings while the ladies served sandwiches and coffee.  The Huntington Press shows that the congregation was meeting in the basement as early as January 21, 1922.

The "Sayler House" was moved toward Jefferson Street to be used as a parsonage.  Neighbors in the area led by Huntington Herald editor, Walter H. Ball, protested the development of the church in their neighborhood and petitions were signed.  According to reports from early church members, the protesting group blocked water lines to the construction site and attempted to buy the property back for $8,000.  The church voted to proceed and the superstructure was added in 1924.  A highlight of this occasion was 1,200 in attendance for Sunday school.  The church dedication service was held in 1925.

God's Provisions...

The Reverend and Mrs. Gary T. Koch became the pastors of Huntington First Church of the Nazarene in July of 1982.  Under the Lord's direction and Reverend Koch's leadership, plans for construction of a new church building began.  The groundbreaking service took place on October 17, 1983 after an all-church dinner at Huntington North High School.  

During construction, many church members and friends donated volunteer labor in the form of carpentry work, roofing, ceiling installation, painting, cleaning, and landscaping to the project which saved the church an estimated $450,000 in labor costs toward the completion of the $1.59 million structure.

On November 28, 1986 a prayer and praise service was held in the old church building at 45 Etna Avenue.  A caravan of buses and cars along with walkers were escorted to the new 43,000 square foot church property that is presently located on Flaxmill Road for the first worship service.  Dedication of the new brick and glass church building was held on Sunday afternoon, April 12, 1987. 

Where we are headed...

On May 19, 2019, our church celebrated 100 years.  May we never forget those who had the vision to serve Jesus Christ through our church.  Let us look forward to a future dedicated to bringing others to a saving knowledge of Jesus through the loving outreach of Huntington First Church of the Nazarene.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:30 am.